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From an advertiser’s point of view, it does not matter how many channels there are, as long as you know that people are watching the adverts and we can analyse audience volumes and profiles to provide expert analysis to plan for growth to when, where and how they view.

We put research at the heart of their planning, in order to understand your business and your consumers. They will look into:

What are the KPI’s for the campaign that you need to achieve?

Who is your target consumer?

What media do they consume?

When is the best time to deliver advertising messages to them?

What makes them purchase?

What do your competitors do?

Once the market has been researched, the media planner will then determine how best to allocate your budget to maximise return on investment to achieve the KPI’s and include a strategy to build from the initial campaign.

Once we have agreed the media plan with the client, we will execute the plan and ensure that the planned campaign is delivered. TV viewing levels are always changing so we monitor the value and delivery of the campaign on a daily basis, and communicate to the client with regular updates of the spots due for transmission. If key learning’s are made early in the campaign we will try and actively make live amendments to take advantage of them.

Once the last spot airs, there is a 10 day lag until all data is final, and the buyer can then start producing post campaign analysis where they can report back to the client the delivery against the plan and KPI’s. This will include confirming the schedule bought with exact time spot list, audience volumes by spot, the value delivered and a bespoke analysis focussing on the agreed KPI’s.

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